How to Use an online teaching platform for virtual teaching?

So,How to Use an online teaching platform for virtual teaching? Articles to take teaching and learning to the next level, educational institutions started adopting the online approach. This approach has proved to be a blessing for both teachers and students in their teaching and learning journey. With the use of an online teaching platform, teachers could teach their students from any part of the world and earn money.

According to many online reports and studies, it is also observed that the demand for online teaching skyrocketed in the year 2020 and is about to take a major hit in the coming years as well. This form of education has especially benefited the education sector in the pandemic as teachers and students were instructed to carry online teaching and learning worldwide.

With the demand and popularity of teaching platforms, teachers often get confused as to which platform they should use to teach online and how to use them. However, they need not worry as we have come up with this article that will answer all their questions in a single place.

How to use an Online teaching platform for teaching online?

This is a common question among teachers who are unaware of online teaching. But before proceeding further, you need to know how to choose a good platform for you that will help you to teach feasibly and let you earn money.

So, first and foremost you need to 한국교직원공제회 research the various platforms available out there and note down the functionalities that they provide. Secondly, you must know their pricing i.e. there are few platforms that will take money from you to establish your online presence. On the other hand, some platforms are totally free. After that, compare the functionalities and pricing of these platforms and you are good to go.

Once you select a reliable platform, there are certain steps that you need to follow to start with your teaching.

Step 1: Register to the Platform

The first step here is to register on the platform. While registering, you have to provide your personal as well as professional information. There are some teaching platforms that ask you for your past teaching experience documents to verify that you are skilled enough to teach on their platform. Complete all the steps and finish the registration.

Step 2: Connect with Students & Peers

The next and the most important step is to find and connect with your potential or existing student base. Similar to a social learning network, this platform will provide you the option to connect with students from all across the globe. This will benefit you as you can convenience students to enroll in your courses or purchase study materials.