Finding Extra Space for Small Bathroom Floor Plans

Sometimes it’s possible to enlarge small bathroom floor plans in ways that might not be readily apparent. Even when it’s not,Guest Posting space-saving amenities and design strategies can help a small bathroom look and function like a much larger space. Before beginning a bathroom makeover, taking time to identify the features that aren’t working well or that are missing in the existing bathroom can help determine if adding a bit of space is warranted.
Annexing Space
Making small bathroom floor plans bigger doesn’t that mean that every wall needs to be knocked down. In small bathrooms, the addition of even a few square feet of space can make a big difference. In many homes, closets are placed near bathrooms. Sacrificing some bedroom storage may be all that is needed to add function and style to a cramped bathroom. Backing the bathroom out into an adjacent hallway is another alternative. Creating a new entry point can sometimes add a few extra square feet of room, too. Options for the found space including adding a shower, vanity, toilet or extra storage.
Shower Solutions
For those who rarely take a bath, swapping Fitted Bathrooms the bathtub for a new shower can help small bathrooms feel more spacious. Bathrooms don’t need a lot of space in order to upgrade to a luxury shower. A corner shower can be a particularly effective option, with sliding or swing glass doors that visually expand the space. The broad range of showerheads on the market make it possible to turn a simple shower into a luxury spa. Investing in a rain shower showerhead or in multiple showerheads may offer a more indulgent experience than a larger shower.
Stylish Niches
One of the easiest ways to gain extra room in a small bathroom is to carve out space from the existing walls. Recessed shelves, also called niches, not only create functional shelving storage for a variety of bathroom accessories and toiletries, but add an element of architecture to the room as well, elevating the style of the room. In the shower, niches are typically constructed from the same tiling used for the shower wall, for a sleek, built-in look.
Niches are also available in kits in a range of shapes and sizes. The pre-constructed sets make it easy to add shelving anywhere in the bathroom where cut outs can be performed safely on a wall. Niches can be framed as well, for a distinctive look. Framing the recessed shelf in molding or tile enhances the decorative look of the niche, adding a note of style and sophistication to a simple storage solution.
While there is no single solution to the challenges presented by small bathroom floor plans, remembering that bathrooms are defined not by how is squeezed into them, but by how well look and function can help drive the best design choices. Evaluating priorities and exploring space-stealing options can make small bathrooms function as well as an expansive bathroom suite.