Bangkok boutique hotel – Low tech or no tech?

Hotels are great aren’t they? They offer you a place to stay on your holiday in Bangkok coupled with the latest technological innovations so that you never feel too far from home. Work from the office? No problem. Most hotels offer business services such as fax machines and in-room internet connections and the such but there is now a market and trend to offer low tech or no tech at all in the latest range of hotels offered in Bangkok dubbed ‘Bangkok boutique hotels’. Thee hotels are sparse on technology in terms of what they offer the guest in their room or provide in general as they feel that the whole ethos of a boutique hotel is to allow their guests to get as much relaxation as possible and that is certainly not possible if you have access to Facebook or Twitter all the time.

Adults may appreciate this approach but their children or teenagers or most adults may find it hard to cope without some sort of technology ready for them to use. Have you ever done the simple test of turning off your phone and/or computer internet connection and then tried to find something else to fill your time? Believe it or not,Bangkok boutique hotel – Low tech or no tech? Articles ten years ago, this is what life was like, we were not constantly connected to something as we are now and as we are swept away in the wave of technology that engulfs us each and every day boutique hotels in Bangkok  룸알바 become a safe haven to safer and more simpler times when technology did not ensure the human race as it does now. But many people find it hard to be off the grid without their phone and such and this shows just how fragile life is and how we are all connected and how it could all easily unravel and any given moment.

Boutique hotels in Bangkok are minimalistic in what they may offer and their surroundings or the area they are located in. This is not a faceless corporate hotel, boutique hotels, I have found, have far more character and are more welcoming to their guests. It is the same kind of comparison you may perform when comparing staying in the city to staying in the country as that is the angle that boutique hotels in Bangkok are going for and are trying to achieve. There are many people that will love this new way of living in terms of their holiday experience as it allows them more time to unwind and actually relax but there are many people who will find this an alien concept even with all the other luxurious services on offer by the hotel. Either way I can definitely see boutique hotels, especially in Bangkok, becoming a safe haven for tourist, a calm within the storm if you will and that is why I believe that boutique hotels will continue to grow and prosper in densely urban cities and Bangkok is the ideal testing ground for this sort of concept.